Original instrumental music to celebrate Earth Mysteries and Gaia’s visionaries. From sweeping anthems to playful twirls, the cadence of life pulsates throughout each composition. Haunting melodies, meditative textures, and rhythmic dances transform the everyday into magic.

The music in this collection emerged from a collaboration between myself and filmmaker Jo Carson. Her documentary, Dancing with Gaia, features on-location interviews with fifteen Earth Mysteries visionaries, most of whom were already my friends and artistic allies. The film visits ancient sacred sites and sanctuaries throughout Europe, some of which are also old friends, and wellsprings of inspiration for much of my music. My wife, artist/photographer Cindy Pavlinac, and I journeyed with Jo in southern England during the original filming, sharing some of our favorite powerful locations. Back in Northern California, Jo gestated the vision of her film and as it reached fruition, she asked me to compose the score.

The artists, locations, visions, and message in the film shaped the music. Heed the voices of visionaries. They tell us to listen to Gaia, sing her songs, create art, make love, and dance. The spirals of all our lives and all our living intersect in creative expression.

Welcome to the dance.

        -Martin Gregory
Marin County, California