Music by Martin Gregory

Debra Carroll gently talks the listener through the process of meditation over a beautiful background score composed by Martin Gregory. The CD has three tracks, 20 minutes each of spoken meditation.

Track 1: Getting Started

Focusing on the breath and its relationship to the body, because most shamanic and meditative practices start with the breath.

Track 2: Chakra Journey

A practice of bringing awareness of the source of all life and energy into each of the chakras, or energy centers, one at a time. This helps open and balance the centers, while also breaking through the illusions of the mind and the senses.

Track 3: Taking Refuge

This version is a non- denominational, cross-cultural synthesis of practices Ms. Carroll learned in Peru 20 years ago and the Buddhist practice of Taking Refuge in the Buddha. It is about surrender and allowing oneself to be protected and guided by beings more self-realized than oneself.